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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Randomness in Pictures

January came and went so quickly. Here are some random photos of what we've been up to around the hive:

Sunset picture - had to take it for Exp. Physical Science. I have to do this for 14 weeks. This is the first one I've gotten.

Savannah put on my boots and strutted her stuff!

Kylei LOVES to read!!

Sassy Savannah

Kylei made a Valentine out of bendaroos

(Savannah later destroyed it-glad I got a pic)

For my class, Experimental Physical Science, I have to take a pic of the moon each night and then estimate the altitude and azimuth. Sounds like fun huh?

Look out February, here we come!
God Bless!
Queen Bee


  1. azimuth sounds like either a word i would make up to sound smart, or some bizarre creature from the Lord of the Rings.

    Those boots look GINORMOUS on her. =o)

    what are bendaroos? (or is it as obvious as it sounds?)

  2. I promise it's a real word, though, trust me, I wish it didn't exist!

    Thanks a lot punk- my feet aren't THAT big!

    Bendaroos are lil sticky strings, basically. My kids love to make things and stick them on the wall or wherever. They don't mess up your walls though. Yay!