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There have been
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bring 'em on!

The kiddos, the students, my "children" for the next 6 weeks or more! Tomorrow (Friday) I will meet them! School is from 8-10. I've heard it's crazy, especially that first hour, but I'm getting excited! I want to see what they look like, what they sound like...just that GLIMPSE of them.....I'm rambling.

When they leave, I'm sure it'll hit me that I actually have to TEACH these young'uns! lol Then I'll start breaking out in hives, but for this second....I'm tickled!

Gotta get in the bed though....5am is going to be here TOO soon.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Obama wanted change....so, how do you like the new look of the blog? lol

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I never seem to have the time to post here. Wonder why? Well....because I have become paralyzed by the NEED to check out all the terrific blogs around the www that are DIY-terrific!! And there are A LOT!!!!!

I have yet to DO any of those wonderful projects I've seen, though I have asked for a sewing machine now (doubt I'll be getting it any time soon though...especially since I have NO IDEA how to sew!).

Today I have spent hours on one person's blog ALONE trying to find great DIY gift ideas for Christmas/Birthdays/Etc.

Hopefully, before too terribly long, you'll be seeing my own DIY posts (but believe me the ideas will NEVER be original...I was not gifted with a creative bone in my body though I desperately wish I was!) lol

Happy Sunday- may your week be happy!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I have an Announcement!

I am employed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, I interviewed today and was called less than two hours later to say that they wanted me. I will be an interim 4th grade teacher for TWO classes (two maternity leaves). I will be at Centerville Intermediate School in Hickman County. It takes me almost an hour to get there, so I'll be having some long days, but that's okay because I have a job until January anyway. lol

My husband is thrilled and I'm pretty happy too. :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

100 Things I Hate

100 Things I Hate

Melons, any and all
Arriving at destination realizing I’d forgotten something
Blisters from a cute pair of shoes
When my kids are sick/hurt
Deciding what’s for dinner/where to go for dinner/what to wear= Decisions in general I guess :)
Cleaning my apartment
Everything/Everyone “going green” as though they really care
Dramatic/Overly emotional girls
Handling raw chicken
Missing movie previews
People saying, “I don’t NEED it” when they forego something they want when you are eating that second helping of “it”
Toilet paper rolled under, instead of over
Liberal mentality
Putting away clean laundry
Never having enough space for things
My non-creativity
Accidentally washing dry clean/hand wash only items in washer
Realizing I bought dry clean/hand wash only clothes
Finding that stain after it’s gone through the dryer
Running out of printer ink in the middle of printing
Bird poop
People talking during meetings/speech
Bad movie endings
How much soda I drink
Running out of hot water in the middle of a shower
Girls who cry/faint/go ecstatic over boy singers
The fact that Pluto is no longer a planet
Skinny Jeans
Political Correctness
Nancy Pelosi/Barack Obama
carpet in bathrooms and dining rooms
Big government
Having to get my car maintenance done
That I bite my nails
When there are specifications when creating a password
People driving in the left lane when they are not passing anyone
Entitlement programs
Living in an apartment
Not having money for my kids to do dance/gymnastics/sports
People who don’t turn on headlights when it’s dark or raining
Not remembering to warm my car/defrost or deice my windshield until time to leave
Cold/hot leater seats
Jerry Springer/Geraldo -type shows
Women trying to be the “Best Mom” as society dictates
Being ignored
Children who help themselves to the food/drink at your home without asking permission or being offered first
Being sick
That I don’t have perfect vision therefore having to deal with the hinderance of contacts/glasses
Unexpected visitors
That you only get one life cuz once you’ve screwed up, you gotta deal with it
Getting my hair caught in the hair dryer
That I basically have one way to style my hair no matter the cut
My weight
Licking envelopes
Waiting….for anything
Not knowing where a bruise/scratch came from
Red and blue lights in my rear view mirror
Trying on clothes
Shopping with kids in toe
Feeling like I need to throw up
A sink full of dirty dishes
Sticky fingers/faces
BIG girls who wear tight shirts
Eating because I’m bored/stressed/etc
Needing to clean on weekends
The amount of time I spend on the computer (doing stuff like this!)
People that make you feel guilty for saying “no”
How quickly my desk becomes a “catch-all pile of crap”
Food stuck in/ground into carpet
How quickly my babies are growing up
Never having cash on me so I’m stuck using my debit card for something less than $2
That I don’t feel beautiful in my own skin
Pink eye
Strep Throat
Rude people who work for the public
People who are rude to those that do work for the public
That I dont’ have a close relationship with my in-laws
Spam email
Dirt/crumbs/crayons/etc found under carseats and in hard to reach cracks in the car
Parking meters
Stepping in gum
Feeling bloated
Smoking and when those that do don’t have the courtesy to not do it around ppl that don’t.
Motorcycles that park in a regular parking spot on an overcrowded college campus parking lot when there are designated motorcycle spots available.
Trying to find the end of sticking tape or toilet paper
Burned popcorn (or any food for that matter)
Flies in the house
People who complain about their weight when they’re so obviously skinny

Friday, February 26, 2010


I know in life there are those things that we do because they are FOR the greater good of our family. That doesn't mean they are easy though.

I have been in school for the last 5 years. In that time, there have been a lot of nights and weekends where I've had to give up time with my kids and husband to work on assignments. Be that as it is, I was able to attend MOST of the activities that the kid's school offered for parents to be involved with....until now.

Student teaching doesn't allow me the time to go to "Favorite Gal Day" or the "Teddy Bear Picnic" or any of the other things that I have missed with my kids. My mom has had to be the stand in. I am thankful that my mom is a big part of my children's lives, but it doesn't make it easier to allow somebody to go in your stead.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Student Teaching!

Today was my 2nd day of student teaching. I'm in my first placement, which is 2nd grade. I feel very lucky to have the cooperating teacher that I do. Right now, I'm mostly observing, taking notes, thinking about things I'd like to implement when I begin to lead teach, and helping the kids and my teacher whenever needed. :o)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Pics

The girls at Maury Hills Church Christmas Program. Kylei was a sheep :)

shame on me

Okay...so I'm a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad blogger. I've been very busy lately trying to clean/organize around here that I've neglected posting. In a way that's a good thing cuz it means I've actually done what I said I needed to do...which is not spend so much time online and get things that NEED to be done, done.

We had a great Christmas. The girls were spoiled just as much this year as they have been every other year! Our big Santa gift this year was a Wii. Kylei asked Santa for it or books...bless her! She got both of course! How can you not give a child books?? :) John and I have been rocking out on Guitar Hero....but of course I'm the rockstar in the family. Bless him, John tries VERY hard to catch up to my skillz...but it just ain't happenin for him! lol

I turned 29 just five days after Christmas. I can't believe I have just one more year to be in my 20's. :(

I spend New Year's Eve shopping with my mom. It's her thing to take me shopping for my bday every year. We started in Cool Springs at the Galleria...couldn't find anything. Went to Ross's and TJ Max and got there 30 minutes before they closed. I found some lil ankle boots. Decided to try the mall in Columbia but they were gonna close in just a few minutes so we decided to go to Walmart...and wouldn't ya know....I found some very cute shirts AND THE BEST PART: THEY FIT!!! ...and were lots cheaper than anything we would've found anywhere else. I left with 7 new shirts, which is what I needed. I've been trying to update my wardrobe to look more professional for when I start student teaching, interviewing, and for the day when I am hired!

Speaking of student teaching...I start my placement (though I STILL don't know where that is) on Monday! I go Friday to MTSU for a meeting for student teaching so hoping I'll know something either before or on that day.

Satuday, I will take my last 2 Praxis exams...aagghh!! I haven't even begun to study for those. I will. I will. :)

The girls start back to school tomorrow. I think they're ready....or else they just aren't at that age where they dread school. I know it's coming, but for now, am very thankful that it's just a part of life that they accept without much anguish.

So, it's 2010. John and I didn't make any resolutions. I think we'll both just be praying that THIS is OUR year! So many promising things will be happening this year, starting with me graduating (hallelujah!!) in May!

I hope that everyone can put any hardships that 2009 brought them and be blessed this new year!