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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Highs and Lows

Summer is certainly here and in a BIG way...it has been sooo hot! John and the girls have been to the pool once so far, but I don't have a swimsuit yet and can't go. Shopping for a new suit is not on my TOP 100 fun things to do, so who knows if I'll be swimming this year. I'm just not sure it's worth it. Any ladies with me on this one?! ugh.

I have 3 days left of summer classes and then I'm done for a little while. Of course, I have lost my jump drive that contains ALL my school work. Isn't that lovely? No. No, it's not. ugh.

So, John and I have been trying to get a jump start on the cleaning/organizing that we've planned for when I'm out of school this summer. It was going pretty well, but today we needed to get a lot done b/c John brought home a carpet steamer. Well, it hasn't. Lazy Saturday sounded better, but now I'm stressed and ill. ugh.

John's parents are going to have the girls for a week in July. They'll be leaving in about 2 weeks, so HOPEFULLY John and I can get a lot done that week. Crossing my fingers! :)

We went to see the 3D movie UP on Wednesday night with the church. I had heard it had some sad parts, but hello?! It's a little heavy for a kid movie. I was shocked. Hoping to see MY SISTER'S KEEPER soon. I know I'll be a blubbering mess, but am excited to see Cameron Diaz in a new and challenging role.

Well, I'm gonna see if I can get mine and my family's butts in gear and get some more things done here.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What Time Is It? It's Summer Time!

A pat on the back if you know where the title comes from! haha

My mom bought tickets for she, Dad, Kylei, Savannah, and me to see HSM 2 at the STAAR theatre in Pulaski. If you've never been to one of their productions, I suggest you check them out. Most productions are played by children and teenage actors and while they are amateurs, they put their all into it and you can just see how much fun their having. Even if you're not into the theatre arts so much, I recommend going or buying tickets for a friend or family member(s) that are. Not only is that just sweet, but the STAAR theatre is hoping to be able to take money made and begin restoring the old Opera House that their stage is under. I've never seen it personally, though I'd LOVE too, but they say it's not beyond repair and have this as a 10 year goal. I think it's an amazing chance to see some grand piece of Pulaski history again and even be able to use it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

School's IN for the Summer

Obviously I've been busy because I have not posted here in quite a long time. Sorry bout that.

I am currently in my 2nd summer class, and was very fortunate that my first was fun and pretty cool. I made an A so that made it even sweeter. haha

Now, I have about 2 more weeks left of my last summer class and it is also going well. I'm so relieved and happy about that. Some summer classes can be murder! I cannot wait until I actually have a small summer vacation, even though I have big plans to clean and organize the apt. It needs it badly!

I am proud of myself. I have been hoarding old clothes hoping that at some point I can make some money with an awesome yard sale. However, that hasn't happened but the garbaage bags of clothes/toys just kept piling up...and we SO don't have the space for that.

We recently finished a series on LOVE at our church. Our small groups were encouraged to do one or more service projects and one we thought would be great was to give our old or outgrown clothes and toys to the Hope House.

Even though it kinda hurt to just give away ALL those clothes (especially the kids' clothes), I asked God for help and together we got rid of about 8-9 large garbage bags and about 6 WalMart sized bags of stuff. I am actually excited about this and am ready to just keep tackling stuff and getting rid of all the junk that just gets in the way and takes up space....but unfortunately it's gonna be a big project and I am still in school. So I will be pleased in about 2 weeks! lol

The girls just finished VBS week at 2nd St Church and they had a blast! I had a lof of fun on Monday when I went, chatting and laughing with old friends. Even though I'm not a member there anymore, the people from this church mean the world to me and I miss them terribly! You'll always be home to me; you're my family!!