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Saturday, February 28, 2009

All Twisted in Knots

The girls were given gift cards by my dear friends, Jessica and Nathan, for Valentine's. We went last week to see what they wanted to buy. We decided that it would be best to pull their money and buy a game. I was rooting for Twister, but Savannah had just played Twister (affiliated) Hopscotch at church and she spotted it sitting on the shelf. That game is fun I guess. The girls have some trouble with it.

I was invited to a consignment shop the other day. It was the day before "everybody else" would get to browse the racks and shelves. My friend had put stuff in the consignment, so she and others that did as well, get first pick. Each of these people could invite one guest, so I went the other night. If I hadn't just spent $35 on A TON of books at Goodwill earlier in the same day (great bargain!!), I would've spent a lot more at the consignment, but as it was I still came away with some nice clothes for the girls....not that they really NEED any more....but as I'm standing in line to purchase these items, what do I see? TWISTER- the original for $3. Of course I grabbed it and was so proud of myself for getting my way after all and for cheap! lol

Here are some pics of the kids and my big kid, John, all playing! I think it's hilarious. I love all the "oldies, but goodies" that are still around.


All three, though you can't see Vannah

They stood side by side and started, LOL

Kylei's still left in the game

I love games, so nothing quite beats the famiy sitting around playing together!
~Queen Bee~

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Okay Class...

"Mission: Observation" commence!

Okay, I have to do lots of classroom observations as a part of my curriculum, and today was cool, because I was able to go into a friend of the family's Resource/Pre-K Special Ed room. She was really awesome and let me work with the kids that came in for Math and Reading.

Hopefully next week, I'll get to start working on my Case Study for Reading. I'll be spending some quality time with a boy in the 1st grade who is a struggling reader. I'm looking forward to that. The more time I spend at the school and actively participating with the children, the more excited I get about my future in this field. It's really a great feeling, because there were times I had doubted if I'd be happy doing this, but kept persevering, hoping something would "click" and I'd just know. I THINK IT'S "CLICKING"! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Chick Manifesto

I know that some of my readers here are avid readers of books in general, and if you're looking for a blogger who also loves to read and write witty reviews and whatnots, please visit my friend, Taren's blog http://thechickmanifesto.blogspot.com/. I also have a link on my sidebar. She's gearing up for many contests in which a lucky winner may receive some books. There's one going on now, so go check it out and enter!

Much love and inspiration,
Queen Bee

Friday, February 20, 2009

Any cereal eaters out there in blog land?

This is shameless, but Kylei's school is collecting box tops in order to raise money for her school. So if you, your spouse, or your kiddos are big cereal eaters, we'd love to have your box tops. I think most come from General Mill's cereals if that helps. Kylei and I appreciate it!

We have until March 31 to get all that we can.

Thanks so much!
Queen Bee and Princess K-B

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Building Character > Scoring Points

Touching story-thought I'd share. Sorry it's all jammed together.

February 18, 2009

Amid the grieving, a rare act of sportsmanship, coach never considered any other option.

It didn't matter that his DeKalb, Ill., High School basketball team had ridden a bus two and a half hours to get to Milwaukee, then waited another hour past game time to play. Didn't matter that the game was close, or that this was a chance to beat a big city team.

Johntel Franklin scored 10 points in the game following the loss of his mother.Something else was on Dave Rohlman's mind when he asked for a volunteer to shoot two free throws awarded his team on a technical foul in the second quarter. His senior captain raised his hand, ready to go to the line as he had many times before.
Only this time it was different.
"You realize you're going to miss them, don't you?" Rohlman said.
Darius McNeal nodded his head. He understood what had to be done.
It was a Saturday night in February, and the Barbs were playing a non-conference game on the road against Milwaukee Madison. It was the third meeting between the two schools, who were developing a friendly rivalry that spanned two states.
The teams planned to get together after the game and share some pizzas and soda. But the game itself almost never took place.
Hours earlier, the mother of Milwaukee Madison senior captain Johntel Franklin died at a local hospital. Carlitha Franklin had been in remission after a five-year fight with cervical cancer, but she began to hemorrhage that morning while Johntel was taking his college ACT exam.
Her son and several of his teammates were at the hospital late that afternoon when the decision was made to turn off the life-support system. Carlitha Franklin was just 39.
"She was young and they were real close," said Milwaukee coach Aaron Womack Jr., who was at the hospital. "He was very distraught and it happened so suddenly he didn't have time to grieve."
Womack was going to cancel the game, but Franklin told him he wanted the team to play. And play they did, even though the game started late and Milwaukee Madison dressed only eight players.
Early in the second quarter, Womack saw someone out of the corner of his eye. It was Franklin, who came there directly from the hospital to root his teammates on.
The Knights had possession, so Womack called a time out. His players went over and hugged their grieving teammate. Fans came out of the stands to do the same.
"We got back to playing the game and I asked if he wanted to come and sit on the bench," Womack said during a telephone interview.
"No," Franklin replied. "I want to play."
There was just one problem. Since Franklin wasn't on the pre-game roster, putting him in meant drawing a technical foul that would give DeKalb two free throws.
Though it was a tight game, Womack was willing to give up the two points. It was more important to help his senior guard and co-captain deal with his grief by playing.
Over on the other bench, though, Rohlman wasn't so willing to take them. He told the referees to forget the technical and just let Franklin play.
"I could hear them arguing for five to seven minutes, saying, `We're not taking it, we're not taking it," Womack said. "The refs told them, no, that's the rule. You have to take them."
That's when Rohlman asked for volunteers, and McNeal's hand went up.
He went alone to the free throw line, dribbled the ball a couple of times, and looked at the rim.
His first attempt went about two feet, bouncing a couple of times as it rolled toward the end line. The second barely left his hand.
It didn't take long for the Milwaukee players to figure out what was going on.
They stood and turned toward the DeKalb bench and started applauding the gesture of sportsmanship. Soon, so did everybody in the stands.
"I did it for the guy who lost his mom," McNeal told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "It was the right thing to do."
They may not remember our record 20 years from now, but they'll remember what happened in that gym that night.
? Dave Rohlman, head coach of the opposing DeKalb team on what his players will take away from this experience.
Franklin would go on to score 10 points, and Milwaukee Madison broke open the game in the second half to win 62-47. Afterward, the teams went out for pizza, two players from each team sharing each pie.
Franklin stopped by briefly, thankful that his team was there for him.
"I got kind of emotional but it helped a lot just to play," he said. "I felt like I had a lot of support out there."
Carlitha Franklin's funeral was last Friday, and the school turned out for her and her son. Cheerleaders came in uniform, and everyone from the principal and teachers to Johntel's classmates were there.
"Even the cooks from school showed up," Womack said. "It lets you know what kind of kid he is."
Basketball is a second sport for the 18-year-old Franklin, who says he has had some scholarship nibbles and plans to play football in college. He just has a few games left for the Knights, who are 6-11 and got beat 71-36 Tuesday night by Milwaukee Hamilton.
It hasn't been the greatest season for the team, but they have stuck together through a lot of adversity.
"We maybe don't have the best basketball players in the world but they go to class and take care of business," Womack said. "We have a losing record but there's life lessons going on, good ones."
None so good, though, as the moment a team and a player decided there were more important things than winning and having good stats.
Yes, DeKalb would go home with a loss. But it was a trip they'll never forget.
"This is something our kids will hold for a lifetime," Rohlman said. "They may not remember our record 20 years from now, but they'll remember what happened in that gym that night."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body"

As parents, we are our children's first (and best!) teachers. We teach them to talk, to walk, to go potty, to feed themselves, to dress themselves, to use their manners, etc.

We are CONSTANTLY teaching!

One of the best things we can do for our children to set the foundations for their learning to read, write, and all other literacy type skills, is to READ to them. Read all the time to your children. Point out signs on the road. Read cereal boxes. Let them look at the menu when you go out to eat and tell you what they want to eat. Let them order. Allow them to help make a grocery list and point out things at the grocery store. Read, Read, Talk, Ask them questions, Read, Read, Talk, Ask them questions.....

There are days when we are so busy and have a million things to do and is easier to just turn on the tv. We have to fit in time for our kids, to give them that extra attention. They are learning from us no matter what. So what is it they are learning?

I never feel like I have time to do anything besides homework and some other chores around the house (although, those keep falling farther and farther behind too!), but I've made a resolution to get back to the way things were. Remember when you had your firstborn? You didn't think about ANYTHING else most of the day. That baby was your #1 priority and you talked, and cooed, and played, and made silly faces.... We have to get back to that.

Just one more rant, and then I'm done...About the time you notice your baby trying to talk (usually about 9 months or so), STOP the baby talk. Use grown up words and use lots of them.

Okay. Now go read to your children. ;)

Queen Bee

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Not St. Valentine...St John!

Because of loads of homework and studying that I needed to do this weekend, we opted to celebrate Valentine's Day a day early, on (uh-oh) FRIDAY THE 13TH! Not unlucky for the Honea ladies though!

John came home with nearly identical white boxes tied with pretty pink ribbon. The girls each got a Pandora bracelet with a heart charm. Very nice! (almost too nice knowing my girls and their track record of keeping up with things)

I received a pretty rose trinket box, but what was inside? Beautiful diamond earrings! :-O
Each one has I LOVE YOU lasered on it. Not that you can see that, lol although John said he looked at it under a microscope and it really is there. :D

We all went out to La Fuente for supper too.

I was going to post some pics, but for some reason my Picture Manager that usually allows me to fix things like red eye (which me and the girls ALWAYS have) wouldn't let me fix it and save it. That's frustrating. But if it starts working, I'll be sure to update this with those pics.

John is really working hard to provide for us and help out whenever he can, and I love him so much, with or without Valentine's or the presents he spoils us with. Lindsey, Kylei, and Savannah are very lucky ladies indeed. Ahhhh.... :)

Queen Bee

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Love Month

Yes, my honey is starting the "Love Month" off the right way....steam cleaning the carpets! haha
Ya know you've been married awhile when this gets you all excited.

Wishing all the romance you can take this month,
Queen Bee