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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Not St. Valentine...St John!

Because of loads of homework and studying that I needed to do this weekend, we opted to celebrate Valentine's Day a day early, on (uh-oh) FRIDAY THE 13TH! Not unlucky for the Honea ladies though!

John came home with nearly identical white boxes tied with pretty pink ribbon. The girls each got a Pandora bracelet with a heart charm. Very nice! (almost too nice knowing my girls and their track record of keeping up with things)

I received a pretty rose trinket box, but what was inside? Beautiful diamond earrings! :-O
Each one has I LOVE YOU lasered on it. Not that you can see that, lol although John said he looked at it under a microscope and it really is there. :D

We all went out to La Fuente for supper too.

I was going to post some pics, but for some reason my Picture Manager that usually allows me to fix things like red eye (which me and the girls ALWAYS have) wouldn't let me fix it and save it. That's frustrating. But if it starts working, I'll be sure to update this with those pics.

John is really working hard to provide for us and help out whenever he can, and I love him so much, with or without Valentine's or the presents he spoils us with. Lindsey, Kylei, and Savannah are very lucky ladies indeed. Ahhhh.... :)

Queen Bee

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  1. Super happy for you guys and all your perseverance. =o)