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Saturday, February 28, 2009

All Twisted in Knots

The girls were given gift cards by my dear friends, Jessica and Nathan, for Valentine's. We went last week to see what they wanted to buy. We decided that it would be best to pull their money and buy a game. I was rooting for Twister, but Savannah had just played Twister (affiliated) Hopscotch at church and she spotted it sitting on the shelf. That game is fun I guess. The girls have some trouble with it.

I was invited to a consignment shop the other day. It was the day before "everybody else" would get to browse the racks and shelves. My friend had put stuff in the consignment, so she and others that did as well, get first pick. Each of these people could invite one guest, so I went the other night. If I hadn't just spent $35 on A TON of books at Goodwill earlier in the same day (great bargain!!), I would've spent a lot more at the consignment, but as it was I still came away with some nice clothes for the girls....not that they really NEED any more....but as I'm standing in line to purchase these items, what do I see? TWISTER- the original for $3. Of course I grabbed it and was so proud of myself for getting my way after all and for cheap! lol

Here are some pics of the kids and my big kid, John, all playing! I think it's hilarious. I love all the "oldies, but goodies" that are still around.


All three, though you can't see Vannah

They stood side by side and started, LOL

Kylei's still left in the game

I love games, so nothing quite beats the famiy sitting around playing together!
~Queen Bee~

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