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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here I sit. It's 6:04 in the early morning. I couldn't sleep and so I got online and piddled around a bit. I'm not very ready for bed, and yet I know better than to try and sleep now. I am supposed to be up in a couple of hours to get ready for church. If I go back to bed now, I'm almost certain I'll definitely not want to get up when the alarm goes off. So instead I'm trying to think of things to do until I must get ready for church. Some options buzzing around in my head are: fold the laundry that has been sitting in a basket for a couple days now; get an early shower and refresh my weary self; clean the dishes in the sink by hand (as we are out of dishwashing detergent at the moment); pick up the various items that were left in the living room this evening; put on some socks, shoes, and a coat an take a brisk walk or run; or to simply keep sitting here thinking I probably have time for all or most of those, but certainly am too tired to do any of them.

As I lay in bed trying to sleep earlier, I also thought about things I should've done while on Christmas break that I never got too and now are stressing me out. I'm stressed because school starts back for me on Thursday and I'm taking a rather large load of hours (18 total) and know that I always tend to get behind on household chores and things and starting out behind and taking a larger course load than usual, well....it's just not a good formula for the hive to operate very efficiently. I have the next few days to organize things around here. I really need to push myself to get them done.

Changing subjects.

I hate it when I feel I've somehow hurt someone else's feelings. I hate people being upset with me for any reason and typically try to go out of my way to make sure I am in good graces with everyone. Today I fear I hurt someone. To be honest, this isn't the first time I've hurt someone by something I've commented on (we're talking blog here). Both times it was a case of neither of us knowing all the facts or being able to "read" the love and intended feelings behind those cold black letters. I suppose that's why emoticons were invented, but even with those, I think there's just nothing like expressing yourself face to face, getting the whole look, feel, and sound behind a comment. I hope I never offend anyone. I certainly don't mean too.

Changing subjects again.

Savannah can do the splits! All the way. It's so cool to see her do it. It wasn't long ago she wasn't able to go quite all the way and then suddenly, she can. lol She jumps and tumbles, flies and flips around here all the time and I tell John all the time about how great she'd be in gymnastics. I cannot wait until we can afford to put our girls in various activities. I know it will open up many opportunities for them and it'll just be fascinating for John and me.

Kylei is reading so well. She simply amazes me everyday with this. There's something so heart warming seeing your child, your baby reading. Kylei has always loved books and for a couple years now, she would grab a book and from the pictures and her own huge imagination construct these stories that just astound you. She uses big words. She lets you know who is talking. She would describe feelings. It was magical. Gosh, how I wish I'd taped her doing these. I still could I suppose; she still does this if she picks up a rather lengthy book. But back to her reading "for real"- in her kindergarten class they bring home "Book Buddies" which is really simple (think Jack and Jane books) sentence books, no longer than about 5 pages. Kylei reads them perfectly the first time. Her teacher aggravates us because she'll send the same book home with Kylei for 3 or 4 days. It's boring for Kylei and VERY boring for me.

We've been going to the library pretty often to get books for the kids and myself. They each have their own library card pf which they're so proud! :) I'm so glad my girls enjoy reading. I enjoyed it as a young girl (and still) and think there's nothing better for helping them academically and yet can still be fun.

John's work is going really well and we're all very hopeful about the future with this company. John is great at it and he enjoys doing it, which is awesome. He and his bosses are so excited about their successes so far, that for the first time in awhile, John and I get to dream. Things like affording those activities for the girls, buying a house, and saving are on our minds a lot. It helps of course too, that I have only 1.5 years left before I graduate and can start my career. We finally feel like we are putting our lives back together- the lives we had when we were first married. Some of you know the road we've beeen down and it's been a hard one. I am so glad to tell you of the long way we've come and the happiness we have now. Our life hasn't been a fairy tale and sometimes that bothers me. But when I think what we've been through and overcome, I dare anyone to judge us.

I have made this post quite along, and I apologize if you're still reading and bored out of your mind. I'm sure I kept writing to waste time (still trying not to convince myself to go to bed right now). I love each of you.

Happy Sunday morning. God bless!

Queen Bee

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