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Monday, July 27, 2009

Thoughts and Happenings

Today I had to take Savannah to the Dr. to get her shots updated and for a physical before she starts school. We still go to Dr. Chen in Pulaski and I had forwarned her about the shots but that we'd be going to get ice cream later. She was totally fine with that. Our appointment was at 10 a.m. but of course we weren't seen until about 11:30! But Savannah and Kylei played in the waiting room. When we got into the room, the nurse held up five fingers to signify to me how many shots she'd be getting today. Good gracious! I remember Kylei only getting four and now they've upped it on my baby. I have to hand it to that nurse though she is quick and makes it as painless as shots can be. She gave Savannah a pinwheel and told her to blow it while she was giving the shots and that Vannah shouldn't feel them...and she didn't until the 3rd one. Vannah started watching her put the needle in instead of focusing on the pinwheel. She started whimpering and wasn't as okay with getting the last two after that, but she never cried any tears, just that lil pitiful whimper. I don't care how old they get, it's never fun watching them get shots.

Of course we went to Reeve's Drugstore and had lunch and ICE CREAM! The girls got theirs in cups and we walked around the square and out further while they ate. It was nice to get some walking in today since I BOMBED this weekend on what I ate. But we had a wedding Saturday, then a Baby Shower on Sunday and John took me to see a movie that night. Anyway....we walked past the library and they were having a sidewalk sale of some of their books. I spent $2.40 and got the following:

Abel's Island (children's book)

Black Americans: Their History and Contributions (copyrighted 1969-lol)

I Can Be An Archaeologist (children's book)

People Who Have Helped the World: Father Damien (The man who lived and died for the victims of leprosy)

The Whipping Boy (children's book)

What Does a Witch Need? (children's)

The Mystery of Stonehenge

Pantomimes Charades and Skits (children's)

and the following paperbacks:

O Pioneers!

One Step at a Time (Scholastic book)

Children of the River (From Cambodia to America- Sundara's journey has just begun)

Don't You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey

The Light in the Forest (story of a white boy raised by Indians

The Orphan Train Adventures: A Family Apart

The Babysitters Club: Mary Anne Saves the Day #4

I Am the Cheese

SO...it's a very eclectic list of books but ones I think are great for my kids when they get older and perhaps for the classroom depending on what grade I'll be teaching.

In other news:
My dad called me last night and had run into a teacher at Richland who informed him that she would be the new assistant principal there starting next year. Dad began telling her how I will be graduating in May and would love to work there and how we'd recently heard about the various openings they will have about that time. She said that many people are hoping for those jobs and told Dad to pass it along to me that she suggests going Now to talk to the principal and let her know my school situation and that basically I'd like my name in the hat. AAGGHH! I'm very thankful for the advice but I'm extremely stressed about doing this. I don't know this principal and to be honest am just not sure how to initiate this conversation. I am hoping to get by their tomorrow for this lil impromptu introduction. I know that I need to try and sub some over there this semester (since I won't be able too when I start student teaching in Jan) but between classes, homework, kids, family, working out, and trying to finish up those things I need to do before graduation...I am clueless how it's all going to work itself out.

Less stressful subject:
I cannot wait to go to Zumba tonight. I feel so guilty for blowing my diet this weekend that after that hour-long class, I think I'm gonna stay and so some more cardio on the elliptical or treadmill. I am desperate to get this weight off as quickly as possible, so I'm willing to do whatever.

The girls go to school Wednesday for half a day, but I am not in anyway prepared for that...well not in the supply-list/uniforms bought kinda way! Why doesn't money grow on trees again??

I am excited about what this year will be like for Kylei and Savannah though! Kylei will be in the 1st grade and that's the real deal in my opinion. They have homework and tests now! And Savannah is going to love Pre-K; I just know it! She's going to come home so excited to show me all the cool things they're learning and doing and I cannot wait!! :D


  1. hey, i still hate getting shots!! =o)

    a book about stonehenge? sounds like something i would buy. but it looks like it must not have been more than fifteen cents. =o)

  2. you should definitely put your name in the hat for a job next year. especially if richland is the school you want to be at. good luck with all of it. i will be thinking good thoughts. yeah shots suck... you should try being the one that has to give them....

    love to all
    the durham's

    ps i loved everyone of the babysitter's club books, i am a little disappointed that my boys won't read those...