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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

From District Attorney to Governor?

Go to Gibbons for Governor website

Are you conservative? Do you know that next year we get to vote in a new governor (Thank you God!)?

Funny story:

A couple of days ago, I was taking Savannah to my Mom's before I headed to class. Like I do every morning, I was listening to 99.7's Ralph Bristol (amazing man) on the radio. Every day he posts a poll that you can log into and put your opinion. Well, this day he was saying that the poll had the names of the GOP candidates that are running for Governor of TN in 2010, and he wanted middle Tennessee to go and vote on who they think would be the best for the job. He began rattling off the names...and I'm thinking, "There is no way I'm gonna know any of these people..." when suddenly Bristol says, "..and Memphis prosecutor, Bill Gibbons." WHAT?! Did he...?!" See, I KNOW BILL GIBBONS! How, you might wonder...he's from Memphis of all places? Well, he is married to my dad's first cousin, Julia S. Gibbons. He's family!

So, I of course berate my family for neglecting to tell this kinda news. sheesh.

Knowing already that he's on the GOP ticket is the first good thing. I then went to google him (cuz although he's family, I don't really know what he believes politically) to see what he's saying and doing. So far, I like what I see. I will of course follow him and the other candidates before the election. Family or not, I want the best person in office.

So, back to my first questions....I will urge all you Tennesseeans to do the same. Find out what you can about those seeking the governor spot, and God bless you...go vote when the time comes.

Queen Bee

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  1. Haha that's so southern to me, being related through blood or marriage to random politicians. It's all very six degrees of separation, isn't it?